Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 1 Lindsay

This week has been a bit rough for me.  I didn't do my insanity as well as I should have, but I really tried to focus in on my eating.  I am currently at 170lbs.  In the morning I was 169 and now at 10:16PM I am 170.  Oh how I wish to break through and into the sixties.  But alas, not this week.  So my percentage is 2.86. 

I also wanted to say a bit on the addictions.  Sadly, my addiction is food.  I reward myself with food.  If I feel bummed...I eat ice cream.  Just like all those sappy tv shows.  Girl gets dumped and eats the ice cream right out of the carton.  I have really focused this week on breaking that cycle.  I am trying to focus on food as nourishment and not enjoyment.  I know---that is so hard!  I have been eating more high protein meals and drinking a lot of water.  I only cheated twice this week with sugar.  Emotionally I felt awful.  I hate giving in to this silly addiction that I deserve a treat for excercising, or doing the dishes, cleaning the house.  So now you know my dirty little secret.  Now I can be accountable for it.  NO MORE "Deserves" for me.  Food is for nourishment and not reward or enjoyment!  This is my mantra.

This week goals:  Excercise DAILY, continue to eat right and recite mantra.  Dig a bit deeper into my eating trends and give no rewards.  The reward is the satisfaction that I did not give in.

Keep up the hard work girls.  This is never easy.  It is a love hate relationship.   
hi everyone i lost 3 lbs this week for a total of 1.8%. so glad to see you are all making some good changes. im trying my best but still have those moments when i have to have a chocolate chip cookie. kim you know what i mean.

Callie Weigh In

Let's see... I've lost 3.4lbs this week, which is 1.8%. Great job girls! Looks like some of you have done a really great job this week! I guess I need to step it up :)

Gina- Week 1

So, I've been pretty frustrated toward the end of this week.  I've been logging my calories, staying under my calorie goals (all but 1 day), working out 3 days this week, and I have lost virtually nothing.  I gained a little over our camping trip last weekend, but figured I would be able to loose that and more within the week- nope.  I'm right where I started last Friday- 152 lbs.  This number has been a rough one for me to get below, so my goal for next week is to get into the 140's.  I think I have figured out my body's needs and I am happy that I have less craving for junk food- definilty a plus as I have evaluated this week.  Here's hoping that my mind and body will cooperate better next week!       

Karin- Week 1

I TOTALLY could have had a better week. Poor planning led to poor food choices. When I thought I was eating healthy turns out I did not do my research and it was far more in calories than I planned on.

I weighed in last week at a whoppin' 285.3lbs...this morning was 284.4lbs Which is a 0.9lbs loss and gives me a percentage of 0.32%.

Positive things this week are. I made a few good choices in food. I did go work out 3 times...I did a 20 min mile. I walked lots of stairs this week (It helps when you live on the 3rd floor). AND I am off my reg Dr. Pepper. Not that I don't crave it really bad...but I have quit drinking it for 2 weeks straight! Yeah me!

This week, longer in the gym and more frequently,
Track my eating on,
Shakeology every morning for breakfast,

Kim weigh in

Ok so I did really bad this week but at least I didn't gain any. I weighed the same so no weight loss for me. I blame it on moving and trying to get our life back in order! So this week I am feeling better not so stressed and depressed, I will do better this week! Good job to everyone else!

Could do better

Crazy week... I think I was home all of five minutes except to sleep and shower... Down 2.5 which is a .89% loss
Ok, my weight loss buddies, lets talk ADDICTIONS. I was a super hard core coca cola drinker. And not diet, either, the full sugar, fully caffeinated, whole lead stuff. It was my "drug of choice" Several a day. So here I am starting this weight loss/healthy  challenge. Went cold turkey off my coke. Cried a lot, grouched at my poor husband and kid, purposefully stayed away from people, had headaches, made me feel utterly psycho! But all natural side effects of withdrawal. Wow! I cant imagine how it is for people who have serious other addictions if this was so hard just for me for a food product. I also have to mention that sugar and junk went bye bye with the coke. So a rough week. Exercised twice a day most days. I am feeling pretty good now. My husband just might decide to keep me after all :) I know this has probably been hard for all of you too as we change our bad habits for good. I have gone from 150 to 146, a 2.67% loss. AND...drumroll please.....I can fit into a brand new pair of jeans with the tags still on them that I bought last year and got too fat to wear them and be able to breathe. Its so exciting. Congrats to all of you who are working hard to get healthier. Its a journey, a few habits at a time, and any change is good even if the weight loss doesnt always show. Im praying for all of you and sending great big hugs your way.

Gloria - 1st weigh-in

I was SO excited to step on the scale this morning and see a 3 lb weight loss!!!  All my "insane" workouts and trying to eat right are paying off (although I am really missing my morning cup of coffee, extra cream!).  I had a 2.22% of weight loss this week, so yay for seeing results!!

Naomi-Week 1

So I did pretty good if I do say so mysel! My goal is to lose 2-2.5 lbs. a week and I accomplished that! If I continue the same way for the next seven weeks I will hit my weight loss goal. My percentage doesn't look fantastic (1.19%)  but my husband commented the other day that I am looking like I am already losing weight soooo....Woohoo. Good job ladies!

Week One Down!

Had a pretty good week. I tried eathing healthier and went for a couple of walks. I usually do better than that but it's been one of those weeks. Trying to figure out how to make time for school, work and my son. I didn't eat anything all day yesterday except 3 bites of a tomato. I was too exhausted and stressed to eat. I know--not good. I'll be better to myself this next week. So I weighed in at 204.8 last week, and my goal for today was 195. I just got on the scale and was amazed to see 195.0!!! I made my goal! :)  So that means 4.79% weight loss this week! Yay!!! Here's to another week! Good luck ladies!
A new Friday!  I did great till Wednesday when I had a raging headache all day and was too tired to fix dinner and we had pizza and I overindulged a bit.  Oh well still came out all right.  I weighed in this morning at 168.8.  That is a 2.99%  weight loss.
Good luck with your weigh in today!

Dilone's Week

Well I am at 0 % loss this week.  With only a bike ride and one swim to count as exercise, I have not been active enough.  Eating Clean though so I shall continue pressing on.  Today I will get in my first workout at the gym.  Totally excited about the new gym.  We have a sticker chart for our boys, for the mornings.  Tthey get 4 out of 5 stickers, by getting up and ready for school with out me having to yell at them then they get a treat at the end of the week.  Last year it was usually ice cream from DQ.  Now it will be swimming at the new gym!  Keepn' the family healthy!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weigh ins

Ladies, the % calculator link is at the beginning of the blog. Please make sure to post Friday! Thanks, good luck!

Monday, August 27, 2012

ok, so heres my biggest loser funny for the day. I am on a plan that encourages you to drink 1-2 gallons, yes gallons of water A DAY to help rid the body of extra fat and clean out toxins. So I have a water jug and I make a mark on paper when I fill and drink the jug. But the problem, after 3 kids, a bladder surgery as a kid,getting older, gaining weight, and living 45 minutes away from town is....drumroll please....not enough bathrooms. I needed to go grocery shopping at Walmart, 45 minutes from my house, today. So I use the bathroom before leaving, have to quickly find one when I get to the store, and 5 times while trying to get my grocery shopping done. It was like being pregnant again, and my "baby" is 8 years old. So here I am running around trying to get my shopping done before having to pee again. Hurry and checkout, load my groceries, adn go back to use the bathroom yet again before the 45 minute drive home. Id have to say I must be well hydrated. We are all going to have our ups and downs while trying to get healthy, but as long as we can laugh together, we'll do great. OOOPS, gotta run, need another bathroom break. 

Better Late Than Never!

I'm super excited to start this challenge.  I realized at the beginning of this year that both my husband and I need to do something to get healthier.  We've gotten way too sedintary and into bad eating habits and have slowly tried to change that this year.  We love to camp, hike and be active outdoors with our children (ages 8, 5 & 3) and those things have gotten more and more difficult.  My motivation to loose weight comes from wanting to be able to camp and hike in 30 years with our grandchildren.  I've realized that we need to be healthier if we want to be active well into our 60's and beyond. 

Last week I started using the "My Fitness Pal" ap to record all of my food and excercize and I have seen some of my real pitfalls in trying to loose weight (sugar, sugar, sugar!).  I've never tried a structured "diet" and I don't really want to, but I am excited to make a lifestyle change in the way that my family and I eat.  I'm also hoping to do some structured excercize 3+ times per week and be physically active every day.  I've actually lost a couple pounds since I started last week, but on Friday I weighed 152 lbs.  (We were camping all weekend, with no cell service, so I wasn't able to post my weight on Friday- sorry.)  My goal is to loose about 20 lbs that I have slowly gained (and not lost completely) after the births of each of our childern.   

Thanks Naomi for getting this together.  It's such great motivation to see how everyone is working toward the same goal. 


Friday, August 24, 2012

And so it begins...INSANITY!!!

Alaska Girls Signing In!
We have a late, new arrival to the competition.  She will post with me each week.  I have to have someone here to kick my butt and keep me accountable. So her info first: 

Karen Labrum
I moved to Alaska 3 1/2 years ago and had 10 pounds of "baby weight" that I still needed to lose.... I have since gained 15 lbs....  Yikes!   So with now 25 pounds that I need to get off, I am more motivated than I have ever been.  I am starting at 154 pounds and would like to get down to 128.  I am an Air Force wife, have 3 kids, 15, 9, 6 and just turned 40! 
Here's to being 40 and FABULOUS!!!
Lindsay Roberts
Weight has always been a struggle for me.  I have never been "thin".  That has never been the goal.  Healthy and able to keep up with my kids is the goal.  I seem to stay rather consistent in my weight, but that is the problem.  Not losing and not really gaining.  Losing weight is the goal for health and losing the muffin top or roll.  So now that my youngest is going to ALL DAY kindergarten, I now have NO EXCUSE for NOT EXCERCISING!  I have three kids; 11, 9, 5.  My beginning weight is 175lbs.  I want to be 155lbs. or less.  That means 2-3 lbs a week!!!  That will be difficult, but I am dedicated.
OUR EXERCISE GOAL:  Insanity Program for 60 days coupled with eating right...NO CHEATS because we Deserve IT for working out!  (Another one of my pitfalls!) 

** Money for both of us will be sent tomorrow morning.  Karen's email:
Hi everyone. I am excited to be part of this challenge. I am sick today so not really up to working out and stuff but starting monday I will be bringing it on. I hope to lose 3 lbs per week and to do that I am going to kick my own butt. may total weight loss goal is 20lbs and my weight right now is 167.


Kim weigh in

Hello this is Kim. I have 4 kids ages 10,9,6,and 3! I have been trying to loose the "rest" of my baby weight since I had my last kid 3 years ago! I lost about 25 lbs since February but still wasn't down to my goal. Since then when summer came I had no control and have gained 10 of those pounds back. I love food and life just isn't very fun when I can't eat whatever I want whenever I want! So my weigh in 1st thing this morning with no clothes was 151. My goal is to loose about 20 lbs. I love running, taking walks and hiking. So hopefully I can get my motivation back now that school has started and summer is ending!

Ummm hi!

Hello ladies! My name is Heidi. Excited for the opportunity to join you on this journey! I am a mom of three. My oldest is a senior in high school. I have a fourteen year old freshman and my daughter is 10. I work way too full time and commute 2 hours to work each of my ten plus hour days. So eating right and exercise are most difficult. But I am as big as I have ever been... It has been a long hard year! I hurt and hate how I look and darn it I want to wear cute clothes! So here we go. 279. ( man that's horrible) that's a secret number, correct? Game on, let's have some fun!

Finally Karinaboutme!!!!!

Hi all! My name is Karin. I am a wife and a mother of 3 (2 girls 12,11 and one boy 3). I stay home and I am in the process of becoming a Host Home for an adult who has special needs. By trade I am a hairstylist. I have never been a thin girl. I am not looking to get thin, just healthy. And if the weight goes along with that goal, I welcome it. It's all about setting healthy goals for me. In the last 3 years, I have really put forth the effort in getting healthy but haven't succeeded YET. In these 3 yrs I have lost 15.4lbs and kept off 6lbs. I have lost one dress size and kept it. Progress but not enough progress. I am excited to join this group for the next 8 weeks. I NEED MOTIVATION!!! It sounds like I will get it here.

My plan? Use to track all that goes into my mouth and how much I get up and move. I will drink Shakeology in the mornings for breakfast and exercise at night by either doing Hip Hop Abs, Turbo fire or going to the little gym for the elliptical.

I am a skinny person trapped in a big person's is my starting weight...285.3lbs.

Ginger's Intro

Hi ladies! My name is Ginger Wiggins. I'm excited for this Biggest Loser competition. Nao is awesome for getting this together for us! Thx girl! I'm going to school, working, and raising my 2 yr old son. I'm a busy Mama like most of you. I LOVE to eat but SO ready to lose this weight. I've been carrying it around since my separation/divorce in 2006. My sister tells me I have wasted my 20's by being fat. :(  I'm ready to look good, feel good, and have some self confidence again. I constantly think about how I used to look and being thin again. I used to compete in pageants many moons ago and people have said to me, "You were so gorgeous!".  I don't really think that they know how much it hurts to hear- were. So lets do this ladies! You all sound like a great group of women, and I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you a bit better thru this blog and sharing your weight loss successes with you! My weigh in this morning was 204.8. My goal next Friday is 195.  :)  good luck ya'll!

Gloria's intro

Hi, my name is Gloria.  I am so excited for this little extra motivation to lose some weight and get myself looking a little better.  I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 kids, 3 of whom are in school, so I guess I really only stay home with 1 during the day, but it's still tiring and busy.  I have 3 boys and 1 girl (ages 9, 7, 5, and 2).  My husband and I are also in the process of adopting a girl from Ethiopia!  My goals for the next 8 weeks are to get in shape so I'm not huffing and puffing just running up the stairs to answer the phone, etc. and to lose weight, obviously.  I am 5'2" and currently at 135.  I have never been one that enjoys exercise or watching what I eat.  I had pretty good metabolism up until the last year, when I can just tell that I really have to eat a lot less to maintain, let alone lose.  My husband and I just ordered the Insanity videos and we're going to do that together during this 8 weeks as well.  I'm looking forward to this extra little motivation!!
Hey! I am excited to have this motivation.  No matter how much equipment I have at home, there is always something else that needs to be done.  Exercise is always the last thing on the list, and who gets to the end of their list?  Not me.  Joining a health club this week is my start.  I can go on my lunch break everyday and bust out a great half-hour. I thought for sure that with the stressful work year I had last school year, that I would have lost weight.  Nope. Put on another 20 lbs.  Final score 220!  Here we go!


Callie's Intro

Hi everyone! Here we are 6 months after the first time we did this and I'm at the exact weight I was when we started it haha. I am really looking forward to this whole thing. Finally the motivation I need to get my big butt in gear! It is nice to see so many ladies joining us. Ok, now a little info on me. Hi! My name is Callie, and I'm addicted to good food! I have been married to a wonderful man for 6 years. I am a stay at home mom to 3 little girls. The hardest part on being on a 'diet' for me is that I still have to make my family meals 3 times a day. I hope to use this opportunity to really make a life style change so I can go out when my girls are a little older and keep up with them when they want to ride bikes or whatever. Oh yes, my starting weight is 189.4 beautiful lbs :). GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

A new beginning

Well....Here I am. I have always been into fitness and being healthy and have been able to be trim even after having my kids. I am usually smaller in size than most of my family, even younger family members...until now. I went to a family reunion a few weeks ago and got a figuritive "slap in the face" because I was most definitely catching up to other family members in size. A few of my family even mentioned the change on me. When youre used to being a size 3 and are buying 6 sizes bigger, oh my! I had surgery, then a car wreck that left me eating whatever I wanted and not exercising for more than a year. I gained 40 pounds in a year! I am looking forward to getting my better self back. The charts from the doctors office say I am morbidly obese. What kind of word is morbidly?? It sounds awful and feels worse. I am 5 feet "and a little bit" tall and currently weigh 150 pounds. I look forward to all of us encouraging each other to get healthy and lose weight together.

Naomi week 1 weigh-in

So at the gym the other day I had to do a physical assessment with one of the trainers and he needed my weight. I looked down at the scale and felt like crying. The trainer said, don't worry that will be the last and only time you will see that number on a scale. Boy was he right I hope to never see that number in a scale again! I weigh today, 167.4 lbs my highest weight ever. I have not been watching my eating and after this last baby I just let go. I have had 4 little girls in the past five years, and although they are totally worth it, they and myself did a number on my body. My goals for the next eight weeks are to lose twenty lbs. that would be two and a half l s. a week. Pleas help me with any suggestions and tips you want to share and I will do the same. GOOD LUCK!

It begins. . .

It begins. . .  I am excited and also not so excited to begin.  I ate whatever I wanted this week (4 cookies last night).  My name is Chantrie and I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls.  I am looking forward to losing some of that baby weight.  Last year before I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was on a roll and I lost about 12 pounds by somersizing and doing Wii fit.  I would like to lose that much this time around.  It is going to be alot of hard work.  Bring it on!  Good luck ladies.  Here is to forming healthy habits and staying fit.
Weight at 5:40 a.m. - 174 lbs

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome Ladies to biggest loser fall 2012!

Remember to get me your email addresses so that I can put you on as an author and viewer of this blog because as of August 24th, we will be going private and you will be unable to view the blog. Thanks Ladies and good luck!