Saturday, October 20, 2012

New total

Karin let me know that she has lost a total of 9.4lbs for the competition so our total lbs. lost is 104.9lbs!!!! WooHooo!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

All right ladies, these pics were supposed to be for my own look see but decided to share them the top is the before and bottom is after. I have been so grateful to all of you who have gotten on and supported each other and posted weekly. I think that we all did a fantastic job. I challenge you to continue doing what you have been doing the last eight weeks keep it up! Total for those who have responded back to me today we have lost 95.5lbs together, that is amazing. If we counted the weight some of your husbands lost at the same time we would add another 45lbs to that as well. All I can say is.......... 


Happy Feet!!

CALLIE----- Hello! I'm going to turn my computer off and have it off this weekend so if you could please text me the results when you get them. Oh and I attached my picture of my pretty painted toes. Thanks!

If you want to add this to the blog:

This last week has been killer! I've managed to work out every day; morning, nap, and after the girls go to bed. Yesterday my husband and I went on a 9 mile walk up Waterton Canyon. I also read in a magazine, forgot which one, that every meal you should make it a point to fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies. And to switch to a smaller sized plate. So those are some of the things that I have been doing these last weeks. I feel a lot better! I dropped 2 pants sizes and a shirt size. When I started working out my legs would kill me after walking a mile! Now I can walk 9 miles! I didn't start off the competition with any goals but I plan on keeping up this exercise and diet. I plan on losing 20 more pounds by the end of the year. My total for the whole year (not just the competition) so far is 33lbs and 16%. Thanks ladies for the fun competition!
Total for the past week: 7.0lbs which is 4.04%
Total for the whole competition: I started at 189.6 and ended up at 166.4 = 23.2lbs which is12.24%

Week 8
2.54 %
20.4 lbs

 DILONE---Added a couple of pounds during this birthday week. oh well. I do have
measurments though and that is exciting for me to see and know that I
am making progress. Slow but steady! Went up to 218.2 Started at
221.8.At beginning of contest Calf was 19" now 18.5". thigh was 29"
now 28,25". stomach was 43" now 41.5". chest stayed the same at 40"
and upper arm was 14.5 now 14"
Thanks for this opportunity it has given me a great start to get back
on the path and get some great habbits to keep me there. GINA---So, my total weight loss for the competition was 7.6 lbs and that's a 5% loss.  If you want a photo I can get you one, but I forgot to take it before I ate and drank this morning and I gained 1 full pound!  

We're you planning to post the Picts of everyone's feet?  Since I'm not going to win I wasn't sure if it really mattered. 

Thanks for coordinating this, it's been fun and a good motivation.  Enjoy your Red Robin tonight!  Gina
 GLORIA---I started the competition at 135 and ended at 126.  That is 9 lbs. lost for a percentage of 6.67%.  I know I have lost inches, but I don't know how many or where because we are not doing our measurements for our Insanity workout till Sunday.   My biggest take-away from all of this is a lifestyle change of exercising and eating healthy as a habit and not just for a season to lose weight.
LINDSAY--- I know this is early, but no school tomorrow means I will forget.  So here it is.  Thank you again for this great idea. I really have enjoyed it.  It is nice to not feel so alone in our efforts.  I have learned a lot from everyone.  Round two?  I still have 10 more to go!
Lindsay final:  6.57% loss overall and .91% for the final week.  11.5 lbs down.  
NAOMI--- I started the competition at 167.8 and now rest happily at 147.0 That is a 12.4% loss for the eight weeks. and 20lbs down. I also found out that I am down 7 inches in the hips and 4 in the waist and a whole lot of other great stuff!


In my book we are ALL winners! We have all worked so hard and done so much. I am still waiting on two ladies to post but for the top three here you go....

Naoim 12.4%
Callie  12.23%
Chantrie 11. 72%

Please chck back for a cool post tomorrow!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Karin- week 7

Well as you can tell, I totally forgot to post on sorry.  For me this week it's a 0% loss.  It's been really hard.  I am LOVING the free Zumba class that is going on in my ward thanks to Elaine and Naomi for getting it together.  I will be working this week and will miss the class 3 times.  Sad day.  I also found out that I will be needing surgery next month on my right hand first and when that has healed, I will be getting the left hand done...carpal tunnel.  I am in a lot of pain.  The steroids aren't helping much.  And we all know what happens when you take steroids...and my monthly will be showing up this week as I can just plan on gaining during the last week of this competition.  Oh we'll.  I would like to do another competition but I am not sure when I will be able to join in again.  Proud of all you Ladies for all your hard work.  You are truly an inspiration to me.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

So this week I have held steady, no loss, no gain. Thats still a 5.2% overall. I havent been working out as much, life has been keeping me busy. I am really proud of all of us for the hard work in getting healthier. Cant wait to see everyones totals for th competition.


Where is everyone?