Friday, October 5, 2012

Woowee! Week 6 is OVER!

It has been a pretty busy week for me! BUT despite that, I am down. Percentage for the week is 1.4% and for the whole competition is 7.38! I have lost 13lbs. since the competition started which happens to be pretty good for me. Although I have lost the weight thats not what is so cool, its the fact that I look thinner (at least the hubby thinks so) Someone at church came up to me this past Sunday and said she could tell that I had lost weight. Thats huge. How often do we see the lbs. drop but cant tell? I never can, I just see all the stuff that still jiggles when I walk and sometimes we just need to hear that we look better even if we can feel the results of working out we just dont see it. Lindsay thanks for the post about body image I think its really important to see ourselves in a different light. I keep trying to focus on the fact that I feel better, am eating healthier and have changed my lifestyle habits so that I dont return to where I was at six weeks ago. KEEP IT UP!! We have got this.

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