Friday, October 5, 2012

I am finally starting to FEEL the difference in my body. Its hard to SEE the fat melt, but my pants feel looser, my shirt sleeves are looser, my hubby and friends can tell the difference in my body also. I struggle with deciding how I want to eat. I havent found a healthy balance for me. I try different eating styles and have found what doesnt work, or what does work but I cant stand it long term. I cant eat like a bodybuilder anymore, but I cant eat how I would like to either. I love to cook! Its so hard to not make all my favorite foods for the family.I like to exercise but the eating has been a problem and it didnt use to be. I am frustrated with the whole food issue. That being said, I am down to 142.2, I have lost 2.2# which is 2.87% for the week and 5.2% overall. I like everyones suggestions and support. Rest is crucial, as is balance and moderation in all things. Thanks ladies for the inspiration. I am proud of all of you, no matter what, for sticking it out. Hugggs to all

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