Friday, October 12, 2012

last week before final weigh in.....uuuggghhhh!

This past week was one of my best weeks ever! I worked out every day really hard and it felt good, I ate well every day and I felt good, I weighed myself on Wed. and felt good.....Then, I started my period and felt not good then, I weighed myself today and felt NOT good. On Wedensday morning I was down 3.5lbs and I figured I still had two whole days to drop another lb. or so. Well this afternoon I weighed in at 152.3 which is still down for the week but not as much as I had hoped due to my dumb monthly. ggrrrrrr.

Weekly 1.1%
Total 9.24%

I am excited for this next Friday. I have my final assessment for the competition that I was involved in at the gym. I was a fitness competition now a weight one. They check things like body fat, strength, resting heart rate and a few more of those good things and I am almost looking forward to that more than this one to see things like inches lost, and strength gain. I doubt I will win but I do hope to see some major improvements.

     You ladies have all done awesome! I dont plan on ending this weight loss goal of mine at the end of the competition (I do plan on taking the weekend off tho) I want to continue until I hit my total weight goal and then I want to keep it up after that just to keep healthy. I can leave this blog open after the competition if you would like or we can start a new competition in a few weeks if you would like too. Maybe do a couples competition or something or keep it just us ladies. Let me know what you all think!

    BTW I found a little tip, I know I need this one since I lost a little weight. If you use lemon essential oil with a little carrier oil daily and rub it into the belly, thighs and hips it will help boost your metabolism AND tighten the looser skin that we all now have due to our weight loss. The trainer at the gym told me it could take up to a year to tighten the baby belly back up but with lemon oil it should be a whole lot faster.

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  1. I'd be up for another ladies comp. I still have 25lbs to lose!