Friday, October 5, 2012

Karin-wk 6

This week was great!!!   Still working on my's a work in progress.  What I think helped a lot was the Zumba class that is offered for free at the church!  Heading there again this morning.  So my numbers for today are... 2.9lbs lost for a % of 1.03%!!!!!   My total for the challenge is 2.03%!!!   Super excited for that!  Everyone is doing great!  I love that we have to be accountable here.  I kinda wish it was a longer time as I have mush more to lose.  I neeeeeeed to get past 274lbs... I keep gaining and losing the same 10-15lbs and if I can get below 274 then I can continue this difficult journey.  I agree with Chantrie...thanks so much Naomi for setting up this challenge, I am beginning to feel better physically about myself.  I even jogged across the field one day this week when I was running late to pick up my son form preschool...and was able to catch my breath quicker than in the past.

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