Friday, October 12, 2012

Lindsay-60's are hear to stay!!!

I just stepped off the scale at 4:00pm.  I weigh in at 165 even.  The good news is that it is official.  Sometimes if you weigh in the morning by nightfall you are several pounds heavier.  I wanted to make sure that those allusive 60's were legit.  AND THEY ARE!!  So my percentage has not changed at all from last week.  5.7% overall 0% this week.  I am enjoying a day of some carb loading for the half marathon tomorrow.(And it tastes so good, but now as it sits in my belly it kinda hurts)  It should be a pretty but nippy run/walk.  It was a balmy 36 degrees today...ALL DAY.  It will be gorgeous scenery and fun since I'll be doing it with a good friend.  We are going to be ZOMBIE COOKS.  We serve brains daily!  I'll post pictures on next weeks post.  It's called the Zombie Half Marathon.

So I am officially in the mid 60's.  I fully expect the next jump to be a hard one again.  I am totally excited for what comes next.  Regardless of the competition at this point, I have gained control of my eating.  I am excercising daily.  I feel healthier than I have for at least 5 years.  I am so excited.  AND-my hubby who has gained 20 pounds since moving to Alaska is now down 9 pounds just by eating right with me.  However, he doesn't have to exercise too.  I do!  And that's all we'll say about that.  It makes me a bit crazy.  But we both have 10 more pounds to go before we will be satistfied.  So this competition is not up for me yet.  I will continue until I am at my goal.  I hope the rest of you will also. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean about husbands being able to drop weight like nothing. We don't talk about that anymore here. By the way, love your old ward! I've been going for a while now and never want to change wards.

  2. Callie was recently baptised that is why she is in your old ward BTW. Dont you just love the feeling that you have from being healthier and lighter than you have in a while. I sure do. Keep it up! Miss you guys.

  3. OOO and GREAT LUCK on your race tomorrow. Hope you see the effects of your healthier life style come out in that run for you!! Let us know how it goes.